Sunderland Yacht Club offers a broad variety of sailing activities that include Dinghy Sailing, Cruising and Cruiser Racing. The purpose of the crew register is to bring together those whom want to sail with boat owners whose sailing is restricted by the lack of someone to share their hobby with.

If you are an existing non-sailing member or somebody who has an interest in experiencing sailing, before making a commitment to joining the club, we will try to introduce you to a Club Member who can offer the type of sailing you are considering.

If you area an existing active Club Member on the lookout for an extra body, then again the crew register will try and put you into contact with someone who would match your needs.

Arthur Ketley
If you wish to join the Crew Register, or receive details on the register, please contact Arthur Ketley, pictured, or Phone Arthur on 07780 372 695

Alternatively, please pass your name and contact details onto any officer of the club and we will contact you.

Please be aware, as the majority of the boats in the club are privately owned, we are unable to offer any guarantees, but we will make every effort to match parties of similar interests.