Roker Regatta DINGHYS

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September 2017

Roker Dinghy Regatta and OK Northerns  Notice of Race 

Sunderland Yacht Club offers a broad variety of sailing activities that include Dinghy Sailing, Cruising and Cruiser Racing. The purpose of the crew register is to bring together those whom want to sail with boat owners whose sailing is restricted by the lack of someone to share their hobby with.

If you are an existing non-sailing member or somebody who has an interest in experiencing sailing, before making a commitment to joining the club, we will try to introduce you to a Club Member who can offer the type of sailing you are considering.

If you area an existing active Club Member on the lookout for an extra body, then again the crew register will try and put you into contact with someone who would match your needs.

Arthur Ketley
If you wish to join the Crew Register, or receive details on the register, please contact Arthur Ketley, pictured, or Phone Arthur on 07780 372 695

Alternatively, please pass your name and contact details onto any officer of the club and we will contact you.

Please be aware, as the majority of the boats in the club are privately owned, we are unable to offer any guarantees, but we will make every effort to match parties of similar interests.

Cruising from SYC
We arrange "Cruises in Company" to various locations on the Northumberland and North Yorkshire coast throughout the year. We enjoy sailing together and usually arrange some sort to social event for the evenings, a meal or a drink at a local hostelry.

We have learned that the weather combines to disrupt our plans in the programme, in most cases we will change the destination to overcome the problems created by the weather, very few weekend cruises have been cancelled, but many have not reached the planned destination. We attempt whenever possible to go away on the planned weekends, we will continue to adapt the programme to suit the weather.



Seamanship Events (See sailing program)
This is an event open to entries from other clubs.

This event is test of navigational and metrological skills as well as a test of boat speed, and should appeal to racing sailors and cruising sailors alike. Timing is a self-declaration, by completing the form available in the club on the weekend of the event or by

Downloading the form from the website. Seamanship North form

Download the form from the website. Seamanship South East Form

Download the form from the website. Seamanship North East Form

Download the form from the website..Seamanship South Form

Useful Cruising Downloads

The correct use of flags is a tradition worth maintaining and the rules and guidance in the fine art of Flag Etiquette should help in maintaining the tradition and to instil some pride and pleasure in the observance and correct use of flags

Club Burgee

Our Club Burgee can be purchased from "Ensign Flags" of Liverpool. They are manufactured from 'MOD' quality cloth and are sewn not printed.

Ensign Flags can be contacted Telephone 0151-2981007 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - website home page.

Connect a DSC Radio to a GPS Click here

Connect a laptop to a GPS Click Here

Connect AIS Radar Engine to a Plotter Click here

Electronic Weather Forecasts The use of the information contained in GRIB files (Gridded Information in Binary) in weather forecasting. This information can be accessed free find out how.

The Club has a Group MMSI number, this will allow group calling for those boats using the number See Alan Dixon for details

Any Boats going abroad to a EU country here is the Schengen Form.

Link to Waypoints for our cruising area, these have been carefully collected over the years. Used at the navigators own risk. Waypoints

Passage Planning Distances Northumberland Distances

Coastguard Areas Contact Details here

Information on anchors and Anchoring Here

Safety Gear for boats participation in the inshore cruising programme, that's the weekends and the Muster, the boats should be equipped to category "B". For boats participation on the longer cruise, that involve overnight offshore sailing Category 'A" equipment is recommended. Link to recommended Safety Gear. Updated 2009

For interested members the club burgee can be bought from 'Ensign Flags' of Liverpool. They are manufactured from 'MOD' quality cloth and sewn, not printed.

Telephone 0151-2981007

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

website –

The cost for the 18”x 12” size, £26.00 each + vat

For orders of 10 or over there will be a 10% discount.

Fred Atkinson 14 October 2009.


An Open Meeting at SYC
Sunderland Yacht Club is hosting the following events this year: