Lift Out is coming; weather permitted.

The first activity is to clear the compound and make preparations for the lift out. This entails moving trailers and trailer boats in the compound and setting up cradles.  


This activity takes place on Sunday 22nd October commencing at 12:00 noon.
The following people are required to attend:


Boat owners that will be lifting on the 28th with the Club Lift.
Boat owners who have boats in the compound now.
Boat owners that will be lifting out with the Club crane later
The boat lift will take place on Saturday 28th October commencing at 8:00am, please be on time.

We would like to remind those lifting, that you are responsible for the lifting of your boat and other Club members will be around to help.
The cranes will be directed by an experienced banksman, but lifting will not take place unless you are happy with the slinging of your boat and the arrangement of the cradle.

This a co-operative activity it is essential that all people remain at the Club to assist until all the boats are safely lifted, the cranes have left and the trailers have been brought back into the compound.

We would recommend that you wear the following personal protection equipment:-

Hard Hats
Riggers Gloves
Footwear with steel toe caps
High visibility clothing

Mooring committee members will supervise the movement and lifting of boats
Please do not obstruct the line of sight between the banksman and the crane driver.
Do not walk under suspended boats
Use protective gogles when using high pressure washers
Children are not permitted in the club compound or the vicinity of lifting operations
First Aid equipment is located in the clubhouse behind the bar.
Any accident should be reported to a member of the committee
Life jackets when on the water

To know the correct weoght of their boat
To connect control lines fore and aft to control the boat when lifting. Avoid lines with knots.
To indicate the slinging positions and to indicate if chain shorteners are required.
Provide secured access to the boat.
For and on behalf of the Moorings Committee